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Cape Drepano Weather Forecast

The weather at Cape Drepano has changed the last couple of years as everywhere in the world… So, we have been to this kite spot more than 15 years bur still we have check more than 4 different weather websites and apps to be able to have a good prognosis of what’s going to happen.

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How to start riding a foil board

Here are some tips on how you will start riding foils without ‘killing’ yourself : Wear a helmets and impact vest if you have. You will need all the protection you can getRide at the beginning with straps and a short foil shaft if you have Keep your bindings loose!! It is very important to

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Why should I spend money on kite lessons?

Most of the beginners want to spend as less money as they can on kite lessons and spend a lot of money on kitesurf equipment. So, these are some reasons why you SHOULD spend money on kite lessons and NOT on equipment: 1.     If you take 3-4 lessons and then buy equipment which you don’t

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