Cape Drepano Weather Forecast

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The weather at Cape Drepano has changed the last couple of years as everywhere in the world… So, we have been to this kite spot more than 15 years bur still we have check more than 4 different weather websites and apps to be able to have a good prognosis of what’s going to happen. We are receiving many calls and messages that the standard apps shows no wind at the spot and this is true for some of them… but I will let you know a few ‘secrets’ on how you will be able to check the forecast.

1.Windguru – Cape Drepano: Windguru is usually accurate about the direction of the wind but completely wrong about the speed of the wind since the model can’t calculate the venturi effect that take place to the spot. I would say that the wind speed you see on the charts is 30-40% less than what usually happens…

2. Windfinder – Cape Drepano: Windfinder at superforecast mode (only 3 days) will give you a very good indication of what will happen, but you should know that 16-17knots you will be really well powered with a 9 or a 10m2 kite  because of the density of the wind…

3.Meteo – Cape Drepano: A Greek website that is pretty accurate is the following on the sailing maps is where you have to click at the spot where cape drepano is and check the forecast.

If you are at the area and you want every day forecast prediction we have a weather forecast service that we provide through what’s app or viber where every morning you get a message about the weather and alternative spots (since we have more than 8 kite spots around) if the wind will not be good at drepano). Moreover, we are organizing kite safaris to the amazing spots in the area. Anyhow it would be nice to see and kite with you. 

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1 thought on “Cape Drepano Weather Forecast”

  1. Goodevening!,

    Wieger from Amsterdam here. Arrived in Greece today close to the kite spot in Cape Deprano. Im looking for some information about the forecast. Do you have some info about that? Is it possible to join the whatsapp group with the daily weather information? Im staying here for the coming 3 nights and I hope I can do some kiting here in this area! Thanks! Gr. Wieger

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