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Kite Sailing Trip Offer: 17-25 April 2021

The sailing kite trips are taking place to the West coast of Greece from Lefkada all the way down south to Cape Drepano and vise versa. This area has nice moderate winds (steady thermals) throughout the whole summer and many spots (more than 7) on the way.

If you are beginners we can arrange your lessons onboard, with an IKO certified instructor being with you at all times, guiding you to this amazing sport. On the other hand, if you are intermediate or experts you can rent some equipment from us or have a kite guide/rescue onboard who is going to help you out throughout your trip.

Some of the Kite Spots we will explore include:

River Mouth

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Outer Banks

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Cape Drepano

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about the Kite Sailing Trip.

This means that out of the 7 days you will have 6 days of wind. So during the trip, you can have a day off, if the wind is not blowing. We are kiting at the area more than 15 years, so upon your arrival we will tell you the best route available to be able to find wind almost every day.

During the trip, you will be accompanied with an IKO certified instructor level 2, who will help you improve your skills and riding. This service refers to intermediate and advanced riders but not for experts (wakestyle or dedicated freestyle riders – discount applies). So, during the whole week and every day, you will talk with the kite guide about the problem you face during your kiting sessions or the tricks you want to learn and you will receive tips and instructions on how you will accomplish your goals!

If you are not independent kiteboarder (can’t stay upwind, can’t recover your board), or you haven’t finished you kite lessons, then we can provide kitesurf lessons with 30% discount for everyone in the group. We will provide all the equipment needed (Cabrinha and Duotone 2019-20) and the lessons will be held with radio helmets for communication. All lessons are contacted by certified sailing coaches by the Greek Government or licensed companies for  Kite Equipment rental

The first day before our departure we will go shopping getting everything we need for the next couple of days. So we will have onboard everything we want for breakfast and we can eat lunch and dinner either onboard or at traditional taverns also. As soon as we are run out of supplies we will dock at a harbor on our way to refill.

Definitely! Just send us an email and we will arrange a custom trip for you according to your needs. We can make an all-inclusive offer for your trip as well as customize every single detail to make a perfect vacation for you and your friends.

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