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West Coast and Cape Drepano

This western part of Greece and especially thegulf of Patraikos are ideal for kiteboarding because of the frequent wind – almost every day. There are more than 10 kite-spots in a radius of  100km distance, so according to the wind we can move around and kite almost every day. Cape Drepano, Mavri Miti, Aliki, Nikoleika, Dioni,Digeliotika, Makinia are some of the spots we are kitesurfing everyday. At the area you will kite flat lagoons, river mouths, do amazing downwinds with nice thermal winds but strong west or east wind from the middle of March until November.

So, if you want to enjoy the place as much as we do, kiting as a local with the locals come  and leave with us at Cape Drepano Surf house. Big wide open spaces, beach front property and 5 min from our home spot. This place is made from kitesurfers for kitesurfers with a drying and storage area for your equipment, good wifi, bbq place and big wooden table for dinners, kitchen and shared WC. At the moment there are 2 rooms, a double bed room for 2 people and a bigger one with 2 double beds and a couch which can host 4-5 people. So you can get your friends and join us or just book a flight, get you wetsuit and harness and come over... since our partners are  providing brand new Duotone kites and boards for test-rides.  

Cape Drepano is probably the most famous spot in Greece - wind quality wise). It can be a paradise, but it can also a nightmare, since at high tide there is no more sand bar and there is no space to set up your kite.. Let us guide you through to the best places available according to the forecast

How to reach Cape Drepano

Kitesurf Vacations Accommodation

Our Surf House includes the following:

  • 1 Double Bedroom

  • 1 Room with 2 Double Beds

  • 2 Shared bathroom/WC

  • Kitchen

  • Chilling Area

  • Equipment Drying and Storage Area

  • BBQ

  • WiFi

  • Beach front

  • Up to 7 people

Cape Drepano Surf House Photos

kiteboarding school konstantinos anastasopoulos
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Konstantinos Anastasopoulos


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Alternative Accommodation Options

Accommodation for Kitesurf in Cape Drepano, Patra. You can book your rooms or let us do everything for you.

Cape Drepano Surf House

2 min. drive from our home spot Cape Drepano. There is a boat transfer from the hotel to the spot upon request.

Hotel Florida Bay

7 min. drive from our home spot Cape Drepano.There is a boat transfer from the hotel to the spot upon request.

Camping Tsolis

10 min drive from our home spot, Cape Drepano, there is an amazing Camping beach.

Other activities in Cape Drepano, Patra

Other activities are available upon request for the non windy days (probably 10-15 days) for a 6 months season.

Mountain Bike tours

Mountain Bike tours

We can arrange upon request mountain bike tours or Downhill training to the beautiful mountain of Achaia.

Hiking tours

Hiking tours

Hiking daily tours can be arrange to the beautiful Mt Helmos.

Speed Boat trips

Speed Boat trips

An inflatable boat is at your disposal for the no wind days to explore Patraikos and Corinthiakos gulf.

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