Kitesurfing Downwinds at the area of Cape Drepano, Patra

Beginners - Downwinds

The most important thing for a beginner in order to get up on the board and kite is to be able to drift downwind, to go with the direction of the wind, step up on the board and ride. If you don’t have the space to drift (because of too many people around, onshore winds, etc) then it becomes more difficult. Our team and partners can provide to you many different downwinds tours according to your skills to be able to enjoy your trip while learning kiteboarding.

The downwind tours are taking place between Patra (Cape Drepano) and Akrata at the western part of Greece (1:30 – 2:00 hours from Athens) from the beginning of March until the end of October. We can arrange accommodation and transportation  for you if you prefer, so don’t hesitate to contact us

Cape Drepano Downwinders
Cape Drepano is probably the best spot in Greece right now and we operate there since 2007. Every day we are doing small or big downwinds (with a rescue boat) according to your needs to be able to enjoy yourselves learning kiteboarding away from the crowd and completely safe.

Aigio Downwinders
The area around Aigio is probably one of the best places for downwind kitesurfing sessions since the wind is blowing always side or side-onshore. With an experienced kiter or teacher with you and a 4X4 following from the land, you will be able to kite for 1,2 or 3 hours without thinking of staying upwind.

Experts - Downwinds

Due to the morphology of the Corinthian channel (Western Greece) usually, we have strong winds throughout the whole coastline of the North Peloponnese (30-40 N.miles). The two major winds are the west and the east that are blowing strong for 8 – 9 months. It’s rare that we don’t have any wind throughout the coastline and when we do we go out for some fishing games. The madness started 3 years ago and now every day with strong winds we organize a small or big downwind tour according to the weather. The King of the downwind tours is the ‘Cape Drepano Downwind Tour’ which is a 20 N.miles downwind run with a couple of flat spots on the way and a lot of kiteloop fun on the way. For the safety of the participants, we have mobile communication with the shore, 3 4×4 jeeps, 1 rescue boat with us and 2 standing by and 1 or 2 lifeguards with us.

Attention: We strongly advise not to do the downwind sessions by your own unless you know the area too well and you have a rescue boat standing by. The Corinthian channel it can be very vicious with waves over 8 feet and wind up to 9+bf. The depth is reaching 800 meters and it has a lot of currents and the wind can change rapidly to offshore. Our team with more than 100 downwinds in the area, will brief you and organize for you such sessions with safety.

Under no circumstances, we will be accountable for any accident if you decided to do a downwind session without our supervision. 

If you have done any Downwind session, you must definitely give it a go!. During these sessions you visit different places, you don't have to try to stay upwind. Don't miss it this year!

Downwind Session Rates

Short Ride

Max. 4 people (2.5 - 3 hours)
  • Riding the flat side of Cape Drepano
  • Crossing the Corinthian Gulf towards the mainland
  • Kiting in front of the old Castle of Nafpaktos
  • Drifting downwind finding another kite spot called Junkpark
  • Drifting downwind to a river mouth
  • Kiting to a super flat and shallow area
  • Crossing the gulf again towards Peloponnese
  • Getting back with the speed boat at Cape Drepano

Long Ride

Max. 10 people (5 - 6 hours)
  • Short Ride Features
  • Downwind in the middle of the Corinthian Gulf where really big waves are formatted
  • Amazing scenery kiting in the middle of the channel with high mountain from both sides
  • Reaching the Town of Aigio and kite with the locals at Cape Aliki with a nice beach break
  • Drifting downwind close to shore to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Aigio
  • Reaching the protected bay of Nikoleika where we stop our tour and head back
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