Due to legal problems, we will not provide our rescue services for a while, until we short them out. The Sailing club IASON though, will provide a rescue boat for the members and the athelts of the club, which will provide help to anybody (menber or not) for FREE as long as it is at area.

Kitesurfing Rescue Services in Cape Drepano Patra

Kitesurf Rescue Services

Cape Drepano is probably one of the best kite spots in Greece wind wise. This kiteboarding spot actually is a sand bar sticking out of the water which means that there is an onshore and an offshore side in every wind direction. At the area, we have nice thermals and high wind situations according to the season, low and high tides and sometimes strong currents. Furthermore, during the high season (July and August) the flat area becomes crowded, so it’s good to be able to drift downwind and kitesurf by your own. That’s why, we provide Rescue Services in the area of Cape Drepano for both kitesurfers and windsurfers in order to secure the safety of all students and clients.

So now, either west or east winds, you can exploit what the spot can offer to the maximum with both onshore and offshore directions. However, if you find yourself in a difficult situation during your session a rescue boat with our highly trained staff, can always help you out and bring you back to shore in safety. We operate during the whole summer season but also during low season upon request.

Kiteboarding School has two rescue boats and certified lifeguards (Greek authorities) which allows high aspect services and total safety during your sessions.

To whom it concerns:

  • If you don’t know body drag upwind and you can’t recover your board we strongly advise you to do a lesson – we are not responsible for any equipment loss
  • If you drift downwind fast or you have NEVER stayed upwind you must have a lesson. The rescue boat will bring you back if you drift more than 800 meters from the starting point

To whom it’s not:

Terms of services:

  • We are addressed to independent riders only, riders that have the ability to go upwind, downwind, body drag
  • In case of a no wind day we will refund the amount of the day. For these days you can rent your kite guide and explore other spots nearby or you can do other activities with extra charge.
  • The amount paid is not refunded if there is not a rescue incident. The mount is being paid our time at the beach watching over you.
  • Every day according to the forecast we let you know what time the wind will blow and what time the rescue boat will be at the scene (You must provide a valid mobile phone number with Viber or What’s up apps).
  • The rescue boat will be at least 8 hours if the wind is blowing
  • We have no responsibility for the loss or damage of any material (kite, lines, board) during your session or during the rescue procedure.
  • We have no responsibility if someone wants to do a downwinder (we can offer our services in that case only upon request )
  • The fee for the rescue services is addressed to the “rescue” of your kite equipment. According to the Greek Law half of your kite equipment is entitled to the rescuer if brought back to shore, so it’s a small fee to pay during the rescue. As far as the RIDER the rescue services are FREE (obliged by the Greek law), IF the rescue boat is at the area.

Learn more about Cape Drepano Rescue Services.

For any other question please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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