Kitesurfing lessons in Aigio – Digeliotika, Nikoleika, Aliki

Kitesurfing in Aigio

Aigialia is a region in Peloponnese with clear water (EU Blue Flags) and a lot of wind. In cooperation with the Multiplicity of Aigio we are kiting to 2-3 different spots according to the wind (Digeliotika, Nikoleika, Mpouka). The kitesurf playground of Aigio is appropriate mostly for intermediate and advanced kiteboarders since there are big waves, strong winds, and strong currents. So, if you want to kitesurf in Aigio send us a message and we will bring you in contact the kitesurfing community of Aigio to help you out with forecasts and kitespots. Downwinds can be arranged upon request.

Actually, the beginner’s courses are contacted at Cape Drepano (20min drive) since it’s a lot easier for them to start.You can start kiteboarding from the beginning or you can do advanced level lessons with rescue boats or do downwinds with our instructors. Downwind runs are actually the most essential thing for a beginner and an intermediate rider. That’s why we have found a lot of safe places for you to practise and of course for a small fee you can have the safety boat at your disposal. When you are quite good then you can kitesurf at the kitespots of Aigio along with the community.

You can start kiteboarding from the beginning at Cape Drepano or you can do advanced level lessons with rescue boats or do downwinds with our instructors. Downwind runs are actually the most essential thing for a beginner and an intermediate rider.

Other activities in Aigio

We can provide other activities upon request.

Mountain Bike tours

Mountain Bike tours

We can arrange upon request mountain bike tours or Downhill training to the beautiful mountain of Achaia.

Hiking tours

Hiking tours

Hiking daily tours can be arrange to the beautiful Mt Helmos.

Speed Boat trips

Speed Boat trips

An inflatable boat is at your disposal for the no wind days to explore Patraikos and Corinthiakos gulf.

Where to stay

Accommodation for Kitesurf in Aigio.

Hotel Kanelli

Situated directly on the beach of the picturesque village of Selianitika with a nice view of the Corinthian Bay.

Long Beach Resort

Long Beach Hotel in Aigio is a wonderful complex, situated at the north coast of Peloponnese.

Agroktima Fourkis

Beautiful apartments just 5 min walk from one of our kite spots (Digeliotika).
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