Kitesurfing lessons in Athens

Kiteboarding lessons in Athens during the summer months are rather difficult because most of the beaches around Athens are crowded and kitesurf is forbitten.So we are teaching at two places Loutsa and Oropos weather permitted. In spring and autumn we are kiting to many more places around Athens like Anavissos and Sxinias. Because of these problems our suggestions is to do a 2 or 3day kite camp outside Athens (Cape Drepano), where we have wind all day and a lot of space to practice kiteboarding with safety.

During the lessons we are going to provide all the necessary equipment for your training (kites, boards, helmets, harnesses, life-vests). We teach with radio-helmets to be able to communicate with our students during practise. The time and the place of the lessons are arranged through telephone contact.

The Basic Course will make the student take his first attempts on the board but the most important is that he is going to feel safe to practise by his own. From there on we can continue the lessons or you can practise by yourself at the places we are going to be according to the wind.

Our proposal is to follow us on 2 or 3 days kite camp outside of Athens at Cape Drepano where we have wind all day and a lot of space to practice kiteboarding with safety.

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